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Puma FC - Manhattan

At Home Training Program

At Puma FC - Manhattan we believe that a players development shouldn't be restricted to just the practice field, so here are some perfect drills to keep the development going at home.

Click on an area of the game you would like to improve on...Watch the video, Listen to the key points, and go out and practice!!




 Dribbling - Roll
 Turning - Inside Cut
 Receiving in the Air - Chest
 Dribbling - Roll Step
 Turning - Stop Turn
 Receiving in the Air - Thigh
 Dribbling - Feint
 Turning - U Turn
 Receiving in the Air - Foot
 Dribbling - Double Feint
 Turning - Drag Push
 Receiving On Ground - Inside Foot
 Dribbling - Inside Outside Part 1
 Turning - Cryuff
 Receiving on Ground - Inside Spin
 Dribbling - Inside Outside Part 2
 Turning - Step over
 Receiving on Ground - Outside Foot
 Dribbling - Scissors
 Turning - Slap Cut
 Receiving On Ground - Outside Spin
 Dribbling - Inside Scissors
 Turning Inside Cut and Outside Cut
 Receiving On Ground - Moving Cruyff
 Dribbling - Double Scissors
 Turning - Stop Turn and Step Over
 Dribbling - Step Over
 Turning - L Turn and Drag Push
 Dribbling - Push and Run
 Dribbling - Swivel Hips Part 1
 Dribbling - Swivel Hips Part 2
 Dribbling -The Chop




Passing - Inside Push
 Defending - Closing Down from Behind
Shooting - Driven Shot 
Passing - Inside Curl
 Defending - Closing Down from the Front
 Shooting - Driven Shot across the GK
 Passing - Outside Push
Defending - The Block Tackle   Shooting - Low Inside Curl
Passing - Lofted Pass   Defending - The Poke Tackle
Shooting - High Inside Curl 
Passing - Driven Pass
   Shooting - Outside Curl
 Passing - Outside Curl
  Shooting - Chip 
Passing - Half Volley
   Shooting - Side Volley
 Passing - Cushion Volley
  Shooting - Half Volley


  600 Touches in 6 Minutes   
  Beast Mode Phase 1 Footwork Program  
  Beast Mode Phase 2 Footwork Program  
  Beast Mode Phase 3 Footwork Program
  Beast Mode Phase 4 Footwork Program
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